"The reunion was one of the High Lights of My Life!  I tell everyone about it and they are in awe - as I was and still am.  I am loving the on line pics now."
Sue Rae Hafemeister Miller - Green Bay, WI

"OK....So here was our 50th high school.  We had TJ's Harbor Restaurant to ourselves - upper and lower seating overlooking the shores of Lake Winnebago.....Everyone got a gift bag; a bottle of wine from TJ's winery; a book with color photo and bio of most every classmate who attended; a 2-CD set of songs (TJ chose) from our era, with custom printed inserts....There was open bar for the entire day beginning at 2:00 pm - until around midnight; a DJ from CA played music the whole time; an excursion boat rides on the lake; gourmet hors d'oeuvres; A 3-course gourmet meal, served in multiple sittings with a choice of indoor/outdoor seating; 4 appetizer choices, 3 entree choices, with pasta and truffle butter.....Then dancing....ending with fireworks....Every moment was as magic as it sounds...OMG....WILL NEVER FORGET THAT DAY.
Lucy Forman Jeanne - Rainier, WA

"The evening was beyond and below and sideways just fun and great. Awesome!"
Cheryl Jero Durkee - Oshkosh

"The 50th reunion was a very memorable day.  The personal phone calls to encourage attendance really worked!  The occasion was one I will never forget."
Joe & Carla Redemann Henry - Highlands Ranch, CO

"The 50th reunion couldn't have been any better.  We all truly appreciated it."
Marcia Raddatz Borgardt - Oshkosh

"An Evening to Remember was an absolute  gift to our OHS Class of '66 thru vision and organization.  From the first sip of champagne to the last booming fireworks blooming over the lake, it was a spectacularly fun time of re-connecting and renewing friendships with classmates, most of whom we hadn't kept in touch.  It couldn't have been more perfect."
Dan & Patsy Wasser Schroeder - Albuquerque, NM

"Our 50th Class Reunion was more excellent than we could have hoped for!!  It was truly amazing."
Jim & Sharie Zillges Englund - Oshkosh

"It was the talk of the town."
Michele Meyer Krug - Flat Rock, NC

"Our 50th class reunion was a true NIGHT TO REMEMBER.  The web site with pictures and updates really helped me to be able to reconnect with old friends and classmates.  The weather was perfect for the relaxing boat ride on Lake Winnebago and the fireworks over the lake were awesome.  The food was cooked to perfection and the champagne, wine and drinks also made the evening perfect.  And the Goody Bag!  I will enjoy the year book and playing the 60s CDs for many years to come."
Janice Formiller Wolf - Hutto, TX

"Everything was awesome and we had a great time."
Gary & Lucy Lichtenwald Lemiesz - Oshkosh

"What a fantastic party we had.  So many came.  The dinner was over the top, music, champagne and all around fun.  The fireworks show was spectacular and a great closing for a magical night.  Jerry and I had a wonderful time.  It truly was a gift to all of us to be treated so generously and with such class."
Jerry & Sue Portman Woodson - Neshkoro, WI

"You truly made it an 'Evening to Remember'."
Dan & Lynn Kubasta Sauer - Saxeville, WI

"What a great event!  Every detail was wonderful.  The numbers in attendance, were a testament to your efforts.  I got to see and reminisce with people I hadn't seen in fifty years.  What a treat!"
Denny & Kathy Lyons - Waukesha, WI

"It was the absolute best reunion we've attended.  TJ's generosity was beyond imaginable.  So many personal touches that didn't go unoticed."
Pete & Gail Schabloski - Oshkosh

"WOW! WOW! WOW!  My admiration for the 2 years of diligent work, creativity, and thoughtfulness that went into our spectacular 50th Class Reunion!  How fortunate we are to have a classmate who with a distinguished successful business career, has never forgotten his Oshkosh roots!  Saturday, was a spectacular event I will always appreciate and probably talk about forever!  A memorable evening of stories, drinks, friends, hugs, great food, music, dancing, smiles, laughter, fireworks and a gift to take home!"
Joan Reinke Ziegler - West Bend, WI

"I had a fantastic time at the reunion.  It indeed was 'An Evening to Remember!'  I was so busy talking the time just flew by.  TJ's Harbor Restaurant was the perfect place to hold this event.  Again, Amazing!"
Pat Roch - Neenah, WI

"It was a 'Day to Remember' and 'An Evening to Remember'."
Duane T. Canon - Oshkosh

"I had been so looking forward to our 50th class reunion since I first heard about it.  It was above and beyond any expectations.  It was truly 'An Evening to Remember' and more.  It was so good reconnecting with friends.  The music, food, drinks all exceptional.  I will always hold that evening forever in my heart."
Patti Seifelt Schermetzler - San Diego, CA

"Our 50th class reunion was the best it could be!  It was great seeing all of our classmates.  The fireworks, 60's music, delicious food, Leon's dessert cart, photo booth and top shelf drinks were wonderful!  I have also enjoyed reading the reunion book."
Judy Formiller Phillip - Appleton, WI

"What a night to remember!"
Phil & Gloria Boycks Panoch - Oshkosh

"My wife and I had a wonderful time."
Philip & Angela Wiechman - Grand Junction, CO

"Our class reunion is the most extravagant event we have attended.  Every detail, from the champagne welcome to the last fireworks, was thought out and executed to perfection."
Ashley & Darlene Kile Stadel - West Bend, WI

"What an extra ordinary event!  You have out done any expectations.  Your foresight, planning, time and dedication to this event are truly appreciated by all."
Mike & Molly McCain Batzner - Racine, WI

"It truly was a 'Night to Remember'."
Tom & Nancy Ulrich Kubasta - Oshkosh

"The 50th class reunion was so successful.  We had a wonderful time and enjoyed catching up with high school friends."
Larry & Winnie McPeake - Neenah, WI

"Two years ago when everyone started receiving those first phone calls from you about our reunion, it seemed too far in the future to even start thinking about it!....and now it's hard to believe it's over!  All who attended had a feeling of pride in being a part of our graduating class of 1966 and you and TJ made us feel so special.  Everyone who was there will be talking about it for a very long time!  You have set the bar which will probably not be Oshkosh again!
Jack & Linda Jones Verwiel - Oshkosh

"Well, you pulled it off perfectly!"
Jeff Lange - Madison, WI

"The Sorcerers have returned to their keeps, but the spell remains!  Love and joy fill my memory and heart with the spirit of that most  Perfect Day and will always be known and referred to as THE REUNION!  Well done!"
Mary Frank Cogbill - Amherst, WI

"The location was great!  What a wonderful 50th Reunion."
Dennis & Jeanne Perry Luebke - Oshkosh

" Me thinks the only thing missing were cupcakes with sparklers.  Great get together and now we await #75.  I'll be there."
Jim &  Lynn Zentner - Inver Grove Heights, MN
(great idea-we'll have those at the 75th)

"What a wonderful 50th Class Reunion."
Jim & Linda Holst Cole - Fond du Lac, WI

"This was better than a class reunion, it was more like a family reunion.  Everyone was so happy to see one another and the entire evening had such a wonderful atmosphere.  It was casual, but everything just flowed right along."
Louise Flanner Koehler - Oshkosh

"Work, effort and persistence put together our 50th Class Reunion.  It was a wonderful experience and a great trip down memory lane.  Saw a lot of people I have not seen or thought of in many years."
Carl Wegner - West Bend, WI

"What a fantastic class reunion.  Truly 'An Evening to Remember'."
Judy Schuff Pechman - Oshkosh

"No stone was left unturned as everything was perfect, including the weather.  It was so much fun catching up with old friends and making new ones.  Loved getting to know Ann!"
Dave & Jean Harra Bretzlauf - Arvada, CO

"From our point of view the reunion lived up to the vision of 'An Evening to Remember'.  It was the greatest.  We loved all of it including the food, the boat ride, the ice cream truck, the music, the gift bag, the champagne.  Will we get to see the pictures at some time?  Hope so!"
Wayne & Jeanne Pitts Tollard - Oshkosh
(should post pictures next week)

"What a fabulous time it was.  I can not imagine better!  Until next time."
Chuck Paepke - Plattsburg, NY

"Everything was exceptional!  I'm so thankful to be able to spend such a fun night with such wonderful people."
Marcia Raddatz Borgardt - Oshkosh

"The 50th Class Reunion party was a wonderful event.  My wife Amanda and I had a great  time, greeting people I hadn't seen in 5 decades, and dancing a lot.  It was great."
Dan Shapiro - Columbus, OH

"Boat ride, fireworks, music, wine, chance to taste California style food: Awesome. And great friends: perfect.  The souvenir book is the best!"
Vicki Berto Leichtfuss - Van Dyne, WI

"The night of the '50th' class reunion was the absolute best.  I never thought it would be even close to as wonderful it was.  No ones class reunion will ever come close to the fun, laughs, hugs, food and all out fun."
James & Phyllis Sheldon Durrant - Oshkosh

"The reunion was a fabulous event.  The night was truly a blast from the past."
Betsy Zeff Spoerke - Lakewood, CO

"So.  Just the stereotypical high school reunion....NOT!  HaHa.  I would like to commend you for tracking me down.  The day was long in hours but sped by so fast.  Memories and conversations both in fast forward.  It meant a lot to so many of us."
Mary Meyer Davis - Lake Bluff, IL

"Dedication to our class was evident in all aspects of the celebration.  It was a magnificent evening - reminiscing with classmates and reconnecting with old friends.  You really outdid yourselves and we hope you know how much it was appreciated."
John & Tammy Irion - Stockbridge, GA

"Our 50th was an absolutely amazing time!!  It was a special day I'll always remember."
Bob Fugleberg - Osceola, WI

"The reunion was beautiful and magical and fun!  The awesome evening was truly a night to remember."
Janis Wright - Oshkosh

"What an incredible reunion.  The buzz among classmates since June 18 has been such fun to experience.  'An Evening to Remember' provided us the opportunity to gather and celebrate the life long connections we all made in high school."
Mary Daniels - Ostrander, OH

"The evening could not have been more perfect and I will remember the evening for years to come.  It was also wonderful seeing old classmates and everyone seemed to be enjoying themselves as much as we were."
Lee & Karlene Raasch Rateike - Rockford, IL

"An Evening to Remember", it certainly was!  Everyone I talked to had nothing but praise for the 50th."
John & Barb Hubertus - Oshkosh

"A fantastic 50 The Reunion.  We enjoyed the evening....the food was amazing.  The fireworks were great."
Denny Jones - Omro, WI

"I appreciate all the generosity and detailed thoughtfulness making our 50th class reunion such an amazing success.  For me the evening will be forever cherished in my memory and heart.  Turning back time and allowing all of us to reminisce about old friendships and fun experiences of our high school years."
Bonnie Malzhan Beck - Waupaca, WI

"The Clos De La Tech Pinot Noir I had with dinner was by far the best I have ever tasted and now I have a bottle which I plan to savor with my family at our next get together.  Excellent food, great music with CD copies, Leon's custard, the best cupcakes we have ever eaten, a peaceful sunset boat ride, a hard cover book and even fireworks--every aspect of this event was fantastic.  How lucky we are to be in this graduating class to have this experience."
Chuck & Mary Eichinger - Oshkosh

"What a party!  It was the best."
Tom & Diane Nelson - Reno, NV

"Thanks very much for tracking me down in Virginia and letting me know about the reunion.  It was superbly organized and I really enjoyed it."
Mike Morrissette - Dunn Loring, VA

"Our 50th Class Reunion was such a wonderful affair.  The dinner was delicious and the reunion book, CDs and wine were greatly appreciated.  Certainly didn't expect the open bar, Leon's custard, boat rides, fireworks and all the extras you planned.  The best part, of course, was getting the chance to visit with so many classmates.  It truly was an 'Evening to Remember'."
Mike & Ellen Blechl - Campbellsport, WI

"We just can't stop talking about our amazing 50th!"
Art & Sandy Bartelt Luedeke - Greenwood, WI

"It was unbelievable, the book is hard to put down and will be a cherished keepsake.  The food was fantastic, everything was top notch including the fireworks display.   It will be an evening that will never forget."
Denny Jones - Oshkosh

"It certainly was a night to remember!  Colleen and I had to keep asking ourselves if this was a dream!  It was awesome to see classmates after 50 years!  The trip from Calif. was well worth the evening!"
Jerry & Colleen Michaelis - Escondido, CA

"It was a wonderful reunion.  You put together an amazing experience."
Ken Oaks - Coeur d' Alene, ID

"You hit the winning home run; the touchdown to score; and a hole-in-one.  Your generosity and thoughtfulness in planning and attention to detail made the OHS Class of 66 reunion a 'Night to Remember.'  My wife and I and friends will  never forget the event and always cherish the memories of the evening."
Mike & Linda Muehrer - Oshkosh

"Our 50th reunion was such a special night.  We hope everyone had time to relax and enjoy themselves."
Jerry & Susan Wilson Anderley - Coleman, WI

"The time and energy put into our 50th class reunion made it absolutely the best ever!"
Wayne Peterson - Menasha, WI

"The party was lovely. The day was perfect.  Dave and I enjoyed meeting old friends and we shared stories of the good old days. For our evening TJ's was "On Golden Pond!' See you next time."
Dave & Marilyn Gruetzmacher Frank - Oshkosh

"It was fun, well attended and just spectacular.....well worth the trip home."
Wanda Eulrich Meyers - Plano, TX

"Our reunion was a smashing success"
Steve & Cheryl Novitch Apell - Oshkosh

"I had soooooo much fun at the 50th.  It was great seeing so many classmates.  I wasted no time enjoying the day.  Great drinks, boat ride, photo booth, flip book, fantastic meal, super 60's music, besides we were given such a beautiful day.  There was not a stone unturned.  The book is beautiful."
Ellen Shields DeVoe - Jackson, WI

"What a fantastic evening!  Everything was top notch.  The food was the best."
Denny Jones - Oshkosh

"The reunion was magnificent.  A great memory!
Heidi Harvey Stacy - Germantown, WI

"Friends have been asking me how my 50th class reunion was.  The words I keep repeating are awesome and unforgettable."
Janet Barthels Anderson - Oshkosh

"Such a great reunion.  It really went above and beyond anyone's expectations of the usual reunions.  It had to be the reunion to end all reunions!!  We had a great time!"
Dan Mueller - Gilbert, AZ

"The class reunion was fabulous."
Bob & Judy Yoder Jones - Oshkosh

"Those that attended will never forget the best class reunion ever!  The whole experience has brought back so many memories.  It was obvious, the effort, time and attention to detail that went into this event."
Pat Kossel Roberts - Wausau, WI

"How special an evening June 18, 2016 was.  We never could have imagined how special a night it would be.  We enjoyed the meal, fireworks, gifts, boat ride and friendships."
Paul & Kathy Gruse Laurent - Oshkosh

"The reunion was a huge success.  I heard many say the same thing."
Bob Ames - Los Angeles, CA

"I saw tons of friends and my cousin Jerry and his wife Colleen were there from California and that made it extra special.  What a grand night."
Marcia Kromm Ortiz - Neenah, WI

"Our 50th reunion truly was a 'Night to Remember'.  I will never forget the evening."
Randy Krentz - Sheboygan, WI

"The location, food, drink and fireworks were great!  You even ordered up fantastic weather!  It was outstanding to see all the guys and gals that showed up.  Fun was had by all I'm sure!"
Roger & Shelia Neubauer - Pickett, WI

"You thought of everything.  It could not have been more perfect.  Everyone is still talking about it.  This was an evening of memories being shared, laughter and old friendships being rekindled.  It was an evening none of us will forget."
Pat and Dan Carpenter - Oshkosh

"What an EVENT!  Our 50th Reunion is the only one I attended and it was special.  For me, it will never be forgotten."
Janalee Frank - Playa Del Rey, CA

"What a wonderful evening.  So great."
Sandy Peterson Buhrow - Oshkosh

"Everyone appreciated the great food and entertainment. The fireworks were outstanding.  It will be hard to out due this one!"
Carol Kleman Noegel - Starke, FL

"Contacting classmates who would probably never have attended until you convinced them to come was great!  Those we talked to, who originally felt that way, were so glad they came and so were we.  Job well done."
Bart & Jan Johnson Steinert - Oshkosh

"It was an amazing time to renew our friendships and enjoy the experience of 'all' being together - what a great feeling that was!  It was a once in a lifetime experience."
Kathleen Wright - Saint Louis, MO

"Hurray for the EXTRAORDINARY OHS '66 reunion.  I found myself the whole evening surprised and amazed to be talking with people I hadn't seen or thought about in 45+ years.  It was a great evening and I even got to kiss Carla Redeman."
T  Hyde - Buffalo, NY

"It was truly a night to remember.  TJ's Harbour was a beautiful setting."
Marilyn Dunham Anderson - Oshkosh

"Words cannot express the gratitude and appreciation I have for "An Evening to Remember."  This very eloquently describes that evening, everything from beginning to end.  How  do you begin to thank someone for all the time, creativity and love put into this event.  The entire evening was like walking into a fairy tale."
Pat Stroebel Rabe - Oshkosh